1711.08 Election of officers.

The board of directors of a county or independent agricultural society shall annually meet not later than the first Saturday of January 1995, and beginning in 1995 not later than the thirtieth day of November, and at such meeting shall elect a president, a vice-president, a treasurer, a secretary, and such other officers as it may deem proper. The president, the vice-president, and the treasurer shall serve one year, and the secretary not more than three years as the board may determine, and until their successors are elected and qualified. The president and the vice-president shall be directors. The secretary and the treasurer may or may not be directors. Before election of officers the newly elected directors shall qualify by taking oath or affirmation before a competent authority, and in electing officers the board shall conform to the rules of the department of agriculture.

Effective Date: 06-20-1994 .