1711.33 Encumbering of fairgrounds partly owned by county.

When a board of county commissioners pays or has paid money out of the county treasury for the purchase of real estate as a site for the holding of fairs by a county agricultural society, the society shall not encumber such real estate with any debt, by mortgage or otherwise, without the consent of the board, entered upon its journal.

When such consent is obtained, the society may encumber such real estate, in order to pay the cost of necessary repairs and improvements thereon, up to an amount not exceeding fifty per cent of its value. In order to ascertain the value of such real estate the board shall appoint three disinterested freeholders who are residents of the county to appraise such real estate. The appraisers so appointed shall, within ten days after their appointment, upon actual view of such real estate, appraise it and return such appraisement under oath to the board. The appraisement so made shall be considered the value of such real estate for the purpose of mortgage or other encumbrance.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .