1711.35 Special constables.

On the application of a state, county, township, or independent agricultural society, of an industrial association, or of any other association or meeting of citizens for the purpose of promoting social or literary intercourse, a judge of a county court or judge of a municipal court having jurisdiction may appoint a suitable number of special constables to assist in keeping the peace during the time when such society or assembly is holding its annual fair or meeting. He shall make an entry in his docket of the number and names of all persons so appointed.

Constables so appointed have all the power of constables to suppress riots, disturbances, and breaches of the peace. Upon view they may arrest any person guilty of a violation of any law of the state, and pursue and arrest any person fleeing from justice in any part of the state. They may apprehend any person in the act of committing an offense; on reasonable information, supported by affidavit, they may procure process for the arrest of any person charged with a breach of the peace and forthwith bring him before a competent authority; and they may enforce all laws for the preservation of order.

Effective Date: 01-10-1961 .