1713.01 Institution defined.

As used in sections 1713.01 to 1713.06 of the Revised Code, "institution" includes:

(A) Any nonprofit university, college, academy, school, or other institution, incorporated or unincorporated, that does any of the following:

(1) Awards or intends to award diplomas for the completion of a course designed to prepare students to be eligible for certification as registered nurses;

(2) Offers or intends to offer instruction in the arts and sciences, teacher education, business administration, engineering, philosophy, literature, fine arts, law, medicine, nursing, social work, theology and other recognized academic and professional fields of study, and awards or intends to award degrees for fulfilling requirements of academic work beyond high school;

(3) Offers or intends to offer a course or courses in any of the areas described by division (A)(1) or (2) of this section that are applicable to requirements for a diploma or degree named in either such division.

(B) Any college, university, or school that offers or intends to offer one or more courses in this state of the type described in division (A) of this section and that is operated by another state or a subdivision or other governmental entity of another state.

Effective Date: 11-15-1981 .