1719.06 Incorporation of charitable trusts in certain special cases.

When, by his will, admitted to probate in this state or elsewhere, a decedent devises or bequeaths his property, or a portion thereof, for charitable uses within this state, or for the establishment and maintenance of an industrial or educational school or institution to be located within this state; when such will provides that the executor shall organize a corporation under the laws of this state to receive such property, to carry out the charitable purposes therein expressed, or to establish and maintain the institution or school therein provided for; and when such will further provides for the management of such corporation by a board of trustees or directors, consisting in part of officials of this state, of the county in which such charities are to be administered or such institution or school is to be located, or of any municipal corporation in such county, and of the member of congress for the district of which it forms a part, or of any of such officials, and names others to be associated with them, and provides for the appointment of successors to such persons named to act with such officials, such executor, or his successor, and the persons named in section 1719.07 of the Revised Code may constitute themselves a body corporate, with the general powers of benevolent corporations.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .