1719.07 Articles of incorporation.

The executor or executors, or his or their successors, of a will providing for a charitable trust as specified in section 1719.06 of the Revised Code shall associate with himself or themselves not more than two citizens and residents, other than the persons named in such will, of the county in which the charities are to be administered, or such institution or school located, and he or they and such associates shall execute, acknowledge, and file with the secretary of state articles of incorporation. After the probate of such a will, and if within six months of such probate he or they do not file such articles, then a minority of the officials for the time being named in such will may execute, acknowledge, and file them, and therein must set forth:

(A) A copy of the will to carry out whose provisions the corporation is organized;

(B) The name of the corporation, including the name of the testator unless the will otherwise provides;

(C) The location of such corporation.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .