1721.03 Proximity to dwellings.

Land shall not be appropriated, nor shall a cemetery be located, by an association incorporated for cemetery purposes or by a benevolent or religious society, within one hundred yards of a dwelling house, unless the owner of such dwelling house gives his consent, or unless the entire tract appropriated is a necessary addition to or enlargement of a cemetery already in use. The limit shall not be less than one hundred yards when it is sought to appropriate for cemetery purposes property adjoining a cemetery already in use, when such dwelling house was erected subsequent to the laying out and establishing of such cemetery. When a cemetery lies within or adjoins a municipal corporation the association or corporation owning such cemetery, without such consent, may appropriate property within one hundred feet, or the width of a street or alley, of any dwelling house.

The addition of any land across a street or public road is an enlargement of an existing cemetery for the purposes of this section.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .