1727.01 Farm laborers' association - holding of real estate.

No association incorporated for the purpose of promoting the interests of agriculture, for the relief of distressed farm laborers or their widows and orphans, whether such widows and orphans are members of the association or not, and for any other charitable purpose, shall take or hold real estate, except such as is actually occupied in the exercise of its legitimate business, or as it acquires in security for or satisfaction of debts due it. Real estate so occupied shall not in any case exceed fifty thousand dollars in value.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .

1727.02 Investments - loans.

After paying its expenses, an association coming within the purview of section 1727.01 of the Revised Code shall invest its funds exclusively for the purposes mentioned in its articles of incorporation, and may invest them in mortgages upon real estate or in county, state, or United States securities. In its articles of incorporation, it may designate the kinds of securities in which its funds shall be invested, in which case no part of such funds shall be invested in securities other than those named in the articles. It shall not make any loan to any of its trustees or officers. It may take by gift, subscription, purchase, devise, or loan; it shall take no loan for a term less than three years or more than twenty years, to an amount exceeding one hundred thousand dollars, or at a rate of interest greater than four per cent payable semiannually.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .

1727.03 Maintenance of libraries and museum.

An association coming within the purview of section 1727.01 of the Revised Code may maintain libraries, and a museum of art consisting of models of such improved instruments and machinery as are best calculated to promote the interests of agriculture, for the benefit of such association, under such regulations as its members adopt.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .

1727.04 [Repealed].

Effective Date: 01-15-1998 .

1727.05 Consolidation.

Any unincorporated association organized for any purpose named in section 1727.01 of the Revised Code may be consolidated with an association incorporated for a purpose named in said section, by a resolution of each component association adopted by not less than two thirds of its members at a meeting called for that purpose. Such resolutions and the votes thereon must be recorded by the clerk of the component corporate association, and the consolidated association thereupon shall assume the name of such corporate association and be entitled to all its privileges. The members of the consolidated association are not liable for the obligations of the unincorporated association.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .