1729.11 Reinstatement of association.

(A) An association whose articles of incorporation have been canceled or an association that has been dissolved in a manner other than for a voluntary dissolution as provided in section 1729.55 of the Revised Code, or a judicial dissolution as provided in section 1729.61 of the Revised Code, may be reinstated by filing, on a form prescribed by the secretary of state for the administration of this chapter, an application for reinstatement and the required appointment of a statutory agent, and by paying a filing fee of ten dollars.

(B) Upon reinstatement of an association's articles of incorporation, the rights, privileges, and franchises, including all real or personal property rights and credits and all contract and other rights, of the association existing at the time that its articles were canceled or the dissolution became effective shall continue in effect as if the articles had not been canceled or the dissolution had not occurred; and the association shall again be entitled to exercise the rights, privileges, and franchises authorized by its articles.

Effective Date: 08-05-1998; 09-03-2004 .