1729.16 Adoption, amendment, or repeal of bylaws.

(A) The initial bylaws may be adopted by the association's directors who are to serve until the first member meeting. After the initial bylaws are adopted, bylaws may be adopted and amended only by the members unless the articles or bylaws provide that the board, by a two-thirds vote of the entire board, may adopt or amend the bylaws or any specified bylaw.

(B) Any bylaw adopted or amended by the board shall be reported at the next member meeting. Any bylaw adopted or amended by the board shall not conflict with the association's articles of incorporation or with this chapter of the Revised Code. Any such bylaw is subject to amendment or repeal by the members at any time.

(C) Unless the bylaws provide otherwise, any bylaw may be adopted, amended, or repealed by a majority of the member votes cast on the adoption, amendment, or repeal.

Effective Date: 08-05-1998; 09-03-2004 .