1729.70 Agricultural cooperative not illegal.

(A) An agricultural cooperative is not a conspiracy, a combination in restraint of trade, an illegal monopoly, or an attempt to lessen competition or to fix prices arbitrarily; and the marketing agreements between such an agricultural cooperative and its members, or any other marketing agreements or sales contracts authorized or described in sections 1729.67 to 1729.70 of the Revised Code, are not illegal as such, in unlawful restraint of trade, or part of a conspiracy or combination to accomplish an improper or illegal purpose.

(B) An agricultural cooperative, upon resolution of its board, may enter into marketing agreements and other arrangements with any other agricultural cooperative. Any two or more agricultural cooperatives may, by agreement between them, unite in employing or separately employ the same personnel, methods, means, and agencies for carrying on their respective businesses. Agricultural cooperatives, acting singly or collectively, may meet in conference with two or more purchasers of their products who are acting collectively, and may at the conference fix by agreement the prices to be paid by the purchasers to the agricultural cooperative for the products. Such concerted action by the purchasers is not a contract in restraint of trade.

Effective Date: 08-05-1998 .