1733.321 Credit unions fund.

All fees, charges, and forfeitures collected under this chapter shall be paid to the superintendent of financial institutions, who shall deposit them into the state treasury to the credit of the credit unions fund, which is hereby established, and may be expended or obligated by the superintendent for the defrayment of the costs of regulation of credit unions. All actual and necessary expenses incurred by the superintendent, including any services rendered by the department of commerce for the benefit of credit unions, shall be paid from the fund. The fund shall be assessed a proportionate share of the administrative costs of the department of commerce and the division of financial institutions. The proportionate share of the administrative costs of the division of financial institutions shall be determined in accordance with procedures prescribed by the superintendent and approved by the director of budget and management. Such assessment shall be paid from the credit unions fund to the division of administration fund or the financial institutions fund.

Effective Date: 09-26-1996 .