1733.41 Additional rules and regulations.

In addition to the specific authority given the superintendent of credit unions by other sections of this chapter, the superintendent may from time to time make, issue, amend, and rescind such rules and orders as he may consider necessary or appropriate to further the purposes of this chapter or to protect the public interest, including rules defining accounting, technical, trade, and other terms, whether or not used in this chapter, insofar as such rules do not contradict this chapter. Without limiting his power under this chapter, the superintendent may specify terms to be included in the articles or code of regulations of credit unions, requirements for notice of meetings of members, required and prohibited practices related to solicitation of proxies, limitations on credit unions' borrowing and lending practices, including loans to credit union employees, the form of and practices used in accounting for credit unions, including the form of financial statements and other records kept, the character of investments credit unions may make, and the operation of a credit union in dissolving or liquidating or petitioning for reorganization. The superintendent shall not prescribe uniform rules or provisions in regulations without due regard for the differences among credit unions. For the purpose of his rules, the superintendent may classify credit unions, persons, and matters within his jurisdiction and prescribe different requirements for different classes of credit unions, persons, or matters. Rules promulgated pursuant to this section shall be made subject to sections 119.01 to 119.13 of the Revised Code.

Effective Date: 01-01-1979 .