1735.01 Powers of a title guarantee and trust company.

A title guarantee and trust company may prepare and furnish abstracts and certificates of title to real estate, and bonds, mortgages, and other securities; guarantee such titles, the validity and the due execution of such securities, and the performance of contracts incident thereto; make loans for itself or as agent or trustee for others, and guarantee the collection of interest and principal of such loans; take charge of, and sell, mortgage, rent, or otherwise dispose of, real estate for others; and perform all the duties of an agent relative to property deeded or otherwise entrusted to it.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .

1735.02 Capital required - investment of capital.

No title guarantee and trust company shall do business until its capital stock amounts to at least one hundred thousand dollars fully paid up, and until it has complied with section 1735.03 of the Revised Code. Except as provided in such section, such capital shall be invested as the board of directors of such company prescribes.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .

1735.03 Deposit with treasurer of state.

No title guarantee and trust company shall do business until it has deposited with the treasurer of state fifty thousand dollars, in securities permitted by sections 3925.05, 3925.06, and 3925.08 of the Revised Code. The treasurer of state shall hold such securities deposited with him as security for the faithful performance of all guarantees entered into and all trusts accepted by such company, but so long as it continues solvent he shall permit it to collect the interest of, or dividends or distributions on, its securities so deposited, and to withdraw any of such securities on depositing with him cash or other securities of the kind specified in this section so as to maintain the value of such deposit at fifty thousand dollars.

If such a company has made such deposits with the treasurer of state, it may request him to return to it securities held by him in such deposit in excess of the amount required, and he shall then surrender such excess to the company, taking proper receipts therefor.

Effective Date: 07-30-1984 .

1735.04 Laws governing title guarantee and trust companies.

All companies doing the business of guaranteeing titles to real property shall comply with sections 1735.01 to 1735.04, inclusive, of the Revised Code.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .