175.32 Down payment lien.


(1) At the time a first home is purchased under the program, the Ohio housing finance agency shall secure the amount of the down payment assistance by a lien on the home for a period of five years. Such lien shall attach, and may be perfected, collected, and enforced in the same manner as a mortgage lien on the home, and shall otherwise have the same force and effect as a mortgage lien, except that it shall be subordinate to a mortgage lien securing any money loaned by a financial institution for the purchase of the home.

(2) If the agency finds that a recipient failed to comply with the first home ownership criteria in division (A) of section 175.30 of the Revised Code, or otherwise used fraudulent information to obtain down payment assistance, the agency shall enforce the lien.


(1) If a recipient becomes a resident of another state and does not reside at least five years in a first home purchased with down payment assistance awarded under the program, the amount of the lien created in division (A) of this section that may be collected shall be determined as follows:

 Months resided in first home Collectable amount as percent of down payment assistance Less than 12 months 100% 12 months and a day to 24 months 80% 24 months and a day to 36 months 60% 36 months and a day to 48 months 40% 48 months and a day to 60 months 20% 

The lien created under division (A) of this section shall be extinguished upon collection pursuant to this division.

(2) A lien created under division (A)(1) of this section shall be extinguished if the recipient, within the five-year period, moves to another residence located in this state.

Added by 128th General AssemblyFile No.9, HB 1, §101.01, eff. 10/16/2009. .