1779.04 Purchase of partnership property by survivors.

Effective January 1, 2010, Chapter 1779 is repealed and no longer governs partnerships. 2008 HB332.

With the approval of the probate court by which the executor or administrator for the estate of a deceased partner was appointed, the surviving partners may take the interest of such deceased partner in the partnership assets, at the appraised value of such interest after the debts and liabilities of the partnership are deducted from such partnership assets, upon giving to the executor or administrator their promissory notes, with good and approved security, in payment for the interest of the deceased partner in the partnership assets. Such notes shall be payable with interest, in not more than nine months from the time the surviving partners elect to take such assets. Such election must be made within thirty days from the date of the approval of the inventory and appraisement by such court.

Effective Date: 09-04-1957; 2008 HB332 01-01-2010 .