1779.10 Effect upon duties and rights of other partners.

Effective January 1, 2010, Chapter 1779 is repealed and no longer governs partnerships. 2008 HB332.

A compromise or composition with an individual member of a partnership shall not discharge the other partners or impair the right of the creditor to proceed against the members of the partnership who have not been discharged. A partner so proceeded against may counterclaim against the creditor for any demand which could have been counterclaimed for had the suit been brought against all the individuals composing the partnership.

A compromise or discharge of an individual member of a partnership shall not prevent the other members thereof from availing themselves of any defense, except that they shall not set up the discharge of one individual partner as a discharge of the other partners unless it appears that all were intended to be discharged; but the discharge of such partner shall be deemed a payment to the creditor equal to the proportionate interest of the partner discharged in the partnership.

A compromise or composition by a member of a partnership with a creditor of such partnership does not affect the right of the other partners to call on the member who makes it for his ratable portion of such partnership debt.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953; 2008 HB332 01-01-2010 .