1783.09 Levy on individual property of members.

If an execution or other process in the nature of execution has been issued against the property of a limited partnership association, and if there cannot be found sufficient property on which to levy or enforce such process, then such execution or process may be issued against any of the members, to the extent of the portions of their respective subscriptions in the capital of the association that are not then paid up; but no such execution shall issue against any member except upon an order of the court, or of a judge of the court, in which the action, suit, or other proceeding was brought. Such court or judge may compel the production of the books of the association, showing the names of the members thereof and the amount of capital remaining to be paid upon their respective subscriptions, and from such books, or from other sources of information, may ascertain the truth in regard thereto and order execution to issue accordingly. The association shall keep a subscription-list book for this purpose, and such book shall be open to inspection by the creditors and members of the association at all reasonable times.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .