184.172 Outreach activities conducted by commission.

The outreach activities the third frontier commission shall conduct under section 184.171 of the Revised Code shall include the following:

(A) Identifying and partnering with historically black colleges and universities to solicit and implement a minority technology demonstration project funded by the national science foundation;

(B) Working with all institutions of higher education in the state to support minority faculty and students involved in science and engineering;

(C) Developing a plan to contact by telephone minority-owned businesses and entrepreneurs to notify them of and encourage them to participate in the various third frontier projects and initiatives;

(D) Identifying minority professional and technical trade associations and economic development assistance organizations and notifying them of the various third frontier projects and initiatives;

(E) Partnering with regional technology councils to foster local efforts to support minority-owned technology businesses or otherwise identify networks of minority-owned technology businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals operating locally;

(F) Identifying minority technology firms and marketing them to the investment community including the Ohio venture capital authority created under section 150.02 of the Revised Code and the managers of all investment funds receiving third frontier project support.

Effective Date: 01-04-2006.