1901.041 Assignment and referral of cases to special divisions of court.

(A) Except as authorized by or provided in division (B) of section 1901.181 of the Revised Code, all cases filed after the institution of a housing or environmental division of a municipal court and over which the division has jurisdiction shall be assigned by the administrative judge of the municipal court to the judge of the division. Any cases pending in the municipal court at the time the division is instituted and over which the division has jurisdiction shall be reassigned to the judge of the division, if the administrative judge determines that reassignment will not delay the trial of the case and that reassignment is in the best interests of the parties.

(B) The Hamilton county municipal court may refer a case of the type described in division (B)(3) of section 2301.03 of the Revised Code to the drug court judge of the court of common pleas of Hamilton county pursuant to that division.

Effective Date: 07-01-1997 .