1901.185 Jurisdiction to foreclose lien on blighted parcel.

In addition to jurisdiction otherwise granted in this chapter, the environmental division, where established, of the municipal court shall have jurisdiction within its territory in all of the following actions or proceedings and to perform all of the following functions:

(A) To exercise exclusive original jurisdiction to hear actions arising under section 3767.50 of the Revised Code and in those actions to make findings and orders pertaining to blighted parcels;

(B) When in aid of execution of a judgment of the environmental division of the municipal court rendered pursuant to section 3767.50 of the Revised Code, in actions for the foreclosure of a mortgage on real property given to secure the payment of money, or the enforcement of a specific lien for money or other encumbrance or charge on real property, when the real property is situated within the territory, to foreclose all liens and all vested and contingent rights, render judgments, and make findings and orders, between the parties, in the same manner and to the same extent as in similar cases in the court of common pleas.

Effective Date: 2008 SB277 04-07-2009 .