1907.34 Returns showing only real estate.

In any case in which an order of attachment has been issued by a judge of a county court pursuant to Chapter 2715. of the Revised Code, if it appears from the return of the officer to whom the order was directed and from the examination of the garnishee, if there is a garnishee in the case, that no property, moneys, rights, credit, or effects of the defendant in the case have been taken under the attachment, but that the defendant is the owner of an interest in real estate in the county, the judge before whom the action is pending, at the request of the plaintiff in the case, shall promptly certify his proceedings to the court of common pleas. Thereupon, the clerk of the court of common pleas shall docket the cause, and the action shall proceed as if it had originated in that court.

Effective Date: 03-17-1987 .