1907.55 Appointment of special constable.

The judge of a county court appointing a special constable pursuant to section 1907.54 of the Revised Code, shall make a memorandum of the appointment upon the judge's docket. The appointment shall continue in force for one year, unless the judge revokes it sooner. A special constable shall be paid in full for the special constable's services by the freeholders for whose benefit the special constable was appointed, and shall receive no compensation except from those freeholders.

If a county court judge wishes to reappoint an elector for a successive one-year period, before the elector may be appointed the elector shall have successfully completed a firearms requalification program approved by the executive director of the Ohio peace officer training commission in accordance with rules adopted by the attorney general under section 109.743 of the Revised Code.

Effective Date: 12-02-1996 .