1923.081 Joinder of claims.

A trial in an action for forcible entry and detainer for residential premises, other than an action against a deceased resident of a manufactured home park, or for a storage space at a self-service storage facility, as defined in division (A) of section 5322.01 of the Revised Code, pursuant to this chapter may also include a trial on claims of the plaintiff for past due rent and other damages under a rental agreement, unless for good cause shown the court continues the trial on those claims. For purposes of this section, good cause includes the request of the defendant to file an answer or counterclaim to the claims of the plaintiff or for discovery, in which case the proceedings shall be the same in all respects as in other civil cases. If, at the time of the trial, the defendant has filed an answer or counterclaim, the trial may proceed on the claims of the plaintiff and the defendant. A plaintiff who is a park operator may seek a judgment for past due rent and other damages under a rental agreement against a deceased manufactured home park resident in a separate civil action for damages.

Effective Date: 03-17-1987; 2007 HB56 10-18-2007 .