2105.26 Order declaring fatherhood of adult child.

(A) If the probate court determines the following, it shall issue the order requested under section 2105.25 of the Revised Code declaring the man alleging himself to be the father of the adult child to be the adult child's father:

(1) The order was freely and voluntarily requested.

(2) No person is designated as the father on the birth certificate of the adult child.

(3) Genetic test results show that the man is the father of the adult child.

(4) It is in the best interests of the man and adult child that the order be issued.

(B) As part of the order, the court shall order the adult child's birth certificate to be changed to designate the man as the adult child's father.

(C) After issuance of an order under this section, the adult child shall be considered the child of the man declared to be the father as if born to him in lawful wedlock, except that the adult child and the adult child's mother shall not be awarded child support from the man for the time the adult child was a minor.

Effective Date: 10-31-2001 .