2117.251 Claim of funeral director arises after death - preneed funeral contracts.

A claim under the bill of a funeral director pursuant to section 2117.25 of the Revised Code arises subsequent to the death of the decedent and is not in satisfaction of a personal obligation of the individual during the individual's lifetime. If a decedent during the decedent's lifetime has purchased an irrevocable preneed funeral contract pursuant to section 4717.34 of the Revised Code, then those provisions of section 2117.25 of the Revised Code that relate to the bill of a funeral director, including divisions (A) and (B) of that section, do not apply to the estate of the decedent and the estate is not liable for the funeral expenses of the decedent.

Effective Date: 10-12-2006; 2008 SB196 07-06-2009 .