2117.38 Assets from which payment to be made.

If an executor or administrator has made a partial distribution of the assets of the estate at the time a claim is presented under section 2117.37 of the Revised Code, and if the claim is allowed or after rejection is found to be due from the estate, but the assets remaining in the possession of the executor or administrator are insufficient to pay the claim in full, the assets remaining shall first be exhausted before proceeding to recover against the distributees of the assets of the estate. If a contingent claim is allowed or if after rejection it is found to be due from the estate, the creditor may bring an action thereon to recover from the distributees of the decedent's estate as provided in sections 2117.41 and 2117.42, inclusive, of the Revised Code, within two months after the final payment on account thereof by the executor or administrator, if such recovery is necessary for the payment of the claim in full.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .