2151.022 Unruly child defined.

As used in this chapter, "unruly child" includes any of the following:

(A) Any child who does not submit to the reasonable control of the child's parents, teachers, guardian, or custodian, by reason of being wayward or habitually disobedient;

(B) Any child who is an habitual truant from school and who previously has not been adjudicated an unruly child for being an habitual truant;

(C) Any child who behaves in a manner as to injure or endanger the child's own health or morals or the health or morals of others;

(D) Any child who violates a law, other than division (C) of section 2907.39 , division (A) of section 2923.211 , division (C)(1) or (D) of section 2925.55 , or section 2151.87 of the Revised Code, that is applicable only to a child.

Effective Date: 01-01-2002; 05-17-2006; 08-17-2006