2152.67 Jury trial for adults.

Any adult who is arrested or charged under any provision in this chapter and who is charged with a crime may demand a trial by jury, or the juvenile judge upon the judge's own motion may call a jury. A demand for a jury trial shall be made in writing in not less than three days before the date set for trial, or within three days after counsel has been retained, whichever is later. Sections 2945.17 and 2945.23 to 2945.36 of the Revised Code, relating to the drawing and impaneling of jurors in criminal cases in the court of common pleas, other than in capital cases, shall apply to a jury trial under this section. The compensation of jurors and costs of the clerk and sheriff shall be taxed and paid in the same manner as in criminal cases in the court of common pleas.

Effective Date: 01-01-2002 .