2301.28 Legal control or supervision person placed on probation.

The court of common pleas of a county in which a county department of probation has been established under division (A) of section 2301.27 of the Revised Code, in addition to employing the department in investigation and in the administration of its own orders imposing community control sanctions, shall receive into the legal control or supervision of the department any person who is a resident of the county and who has been placed under a community control sanction by order of any other court exercising criminal jurisdiction in this state, whether within or without the county in which the department of probation is located, upon the request of the other court and subject to its continuing jurisdiction. The court of common pleas also shall receive into the legal custody or supervision of the department any person who is paroled, released under a post-release control sanction, or conditionally pardoned from a state correctional institution and who resides or remains in the county, if requested by the adult parole authority created by section 5149.02 of the Revised Code or any other authority having power to parole or release from any institution of that nature.

As used in this section and section 2301.30 of the Revised Code, "post-release control sanction" has the same meaning as in section 2967.01 of the Revised Code.

Effective Date: 01-01-2004 .