2303.12 Books to be kept by clerk.

The clerk of the court of common pleas shall keep at least four books. They shall be called the appearance docket, trial docket and printed duplicates of the trial docket for the use of the court and the officers thereof, journal, and execution docket. He shall also keep a record in book form or he may prepare a record by using any photostatic, photographic, miniature photographic, film, microfilm, or microphotographic process, electrostatic process, perforated tape, magnetic tape, or other electromagnetic means, electronic data processing, machine readable media, graphic or video display, or any combination thereof, which correctly and accurately copies or reproduces the original document, paper, or instrument in writing. He shall use materials that comply with the minimum standards of quality for permanent photographic records prescribed by the National Bureau of Standards. He shall keep an index to the trial docket and to the printed duplicates of the trial docket and of the journal direct, and to the appearance docket, record, and execution docket, direct and reverse. All clerks keeping records and information by the methods described in this section shall keep and make readily available to the public the machine and equipment necessary to reproduce the records and information in a readable form.

Effective Date: 08-19-1975 .