2313.99 Penalty.

(A) Whoever violates section 2313.18, 2313.19, or 2313.20 of the Revised Code may be punished as for contempt of court pursuant to Chapter 2705. of the Revised Code.

(B) Whoever violates section 2313.13 of the Revised Code shall be fined not less than fifty nor more than five hundred dollars, imprisoned not less than thirty nor more than ninety days, or both.

(C) Any fine assessed for a contempt against a person summoned or who has qualified as a juror may be collected by execution and shall be paid into the county treasury and disbursed as other fines.

Amended by 129th General AssemblyFile No.81, HB 268, §1, eff. 5/22/2012.

Effective Date: 07-01-1996; 05-18-2005