2323.07 Sale of foreclosed property.

When a mortgage is foreclosed or a specific lien enforced, a sale of the property, or a transfer of property pursuant to sections 323.28, 323.65 to 323.78, and 5721.19 of the Revised Code, shall be ordered by the court having jurisdiction or the county board of revision with jurisdiction pursuant to section 323.66 of the Revised Code.

When the real property to be sold is in one or more tracts, the court may order the officer who makes the sale to subdivide, appraise, and sell them in parcels, or sell any one of the tracts as a whole.

When the mortgaged property is situated in more than one county, the court may order the sheriff or master of each county to make sale of the property in the sheriff's or master's county, or may direct one officer to sell the whole. When it consists of a single tract, the court may direct that it be sold as one tract or in separate parcels, and shall direct whether appraisers shall be selected for each county or one set for all; and whether publication of the sale shall be made in all the counties, or in one county only.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953; 2008 HB138 09-11-2008 .