2323.30 Costs secured by plaintiff.

In all actions in which the plaintiff is a nonresident of the county in which the action is brought, a partnership suing by its company name, an insolvent corporation, or any party required to furnish security under section 2323.31 of the Revised Code, the plaintiff shall deposit cash or furnish security for costs. The surety must be a resident of the county and approved by the clerk. The obligation of the surety shall be complete by indorsing the summons or signing his name on the petition as surety for costs. The surety shall be bound for the payment of the costs which are adjudged against the plaintiff in the court in which the action is brought, or in any other court to which it is carried, and for all the costs taxed against the plaintiff in such action, whether he obtains a judgment or not. When a plaintiff makes affidavit of inability either to give security or a cash deposit to secure costs, the clerk shall receive and file the petition. Such affidavit shall be filed with it and treated as are similar papers.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .