2329.09 Writ of execution.

The writ of execution against the property of a judgment debtor issuing from a court of record shall command the officer to whom it is directed to levy on the goods and chattels of the debtor. If no goods or chattels can be found, the officer shall levy on the lands and tenements of the debtor. If the court rendering the judgment or decree so orders, real estate may be sold under execution as follows: one third cash on the day of sale, one third in one year, the third in two years thereafter, with interest on deferred payments, to be secured by mortgage on the premises so sold. An execution on a judgment rendered against a partnership firm by its firm name shall operate only on the partnership property. The exact amount of the debt, damages, and costs, for which the judgment is entered, shall be indorsed on the execution.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .