2329.31 Confirmation and order for deed.

(A) Upon the return of any writ of execution for the satisfaction of which lands and tenements have been sold, on careful examination of the proceedings of the officer making the sale, if the court of common pleas finds that the sale was made, in all respects, in conformity with sections 2329.01 to 2329.61 of the Revised Code, it shall, within thirty days of the return of the writ, direct the clerk of the court of common pleas to make an entry on the journal that the court is satisfied of the legality of such sale and that the attorney who filed the writ of execution make to the purchaser a deed for the lands and tenements. Nothing in this section prevents the court of common pleas from staying the confirmation of the sale to permit a property owner time to redeem the property or for any other reason that it determines is appropriate. In those instances, the sale shall be confirmed within thirty days after the termination of any stay of confirmation.

(B) The officer making the sale shall require the purchaser, including a lienholder, to pay within thirty days of the confirmation of the sale the balance due on the purchase price of the lands and tenements.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953; 2008 HB138 09-11-2008