2329.43 Deeds for lands sold may be made by a sheriff's successor.

If the term of service of the officer who makes a sale of lands and tenements expires, or if he dies, is absent, or otherwise unable to make a deed of conveyance of the property sold, on receiving a certificate from the court from which execution issued for such sale, signed by the clerk of such court, by order of the court, setting forth that sufficient proof has been made that the sale was fair and legal, on tender of the purchase money, or if it or a part thereof has been paid, then, on proof of such payment and tender of the balance, any of the successors of such officer may execute to the purchaser, or his legal representatives, a deed of conveyance of the lands and tenements sold. Such deed shall be as valid in law as if the officer who made the sale had executed it.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .