2331.02 Execution may issue.

An execution against the person of a debtor may be issued upon any judgment for the payment of money:

(A) When the judgment debtor has removed, or begun to remove, any of his property out of the jurisdiction of the court, with intent to prevent the collection of the money due on the judgment;

(B) When the judgment debtor has property, rights in action, evidences of debt, or interest or stock in a corporation or company, which he fraudulently conceals with like intent;

(C) When the judgment debtor has assigned or disposed of any of his property or rights in action, or has converted them into money, with intent to defraud his creditors, or with the intent to prevent such property from being taken in execution;

(D) When the judgment debtor fraudulently contracted the debt or incurred the obligation upon which the judgment was rendered;

(E) When the judgment was rendered for money, or other valuable thing, lost by playing at any game or by means of any bet or wager;

(F) When the judgment debtor was arrested on an order before judgment and has not been discharged as an insolvent debtor, or the order has not been set aside.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .