2333.06 Payments and dlivery to officer holding writ.

The garnishee shall pay over to the officer holding a writ of execution all money in his hands, or under his control, or which may come into his hands or control, belonging to the defendant mentioned in section 2333.02 of the Revised Code, not exceeding the amount of the judgment and costs, and deliver to the officer all property and credits of the defendant in his hands, or which may come into his hands, and take his receipt for such money, property, or credits, which shall be sufficient discharge of liability therefor. Upon refusal by such garnishee to pay over money or deliver property or credits as required by this section, the plaintiff may commence an action therefor, in his own name, against the garnishee, and recover them, with costs.

Amended by 100th General Assembly, HB 1, eff. 10/01/1953