2335.08 Witness fees in criminal cases.

Each witness attending, under recognizance or subpoena issued by order of the prosecuting attorney or defendant, before the grand jury or any court of record, in criminal causes, shall be allowed the same fees as provided by section 2335.06 of the Revised Code in civil causes, to be taxed in only one cause when such witness is attending in more causes than one on the same days, unless otherwise directed by special order of the court. When certified to the county auditor by the clerk of the court, such fees shall be paid from the county treasury, and except as to the grand jury, taxed in the bill of costs. Each witness attending before a judge of a county court, magistrate, or mayor, under subpoena in criminal cases, shall be allowed the fees provided by such section for witnesses in the court of common pleas. In state cases such fees shall be paid out of the county treasury, and in ordinance cases they shall be paid out of the treasury of the municipal corporation, upon the certificates of the judge or magistrate, and they shall be taxed in the bill of costs.

When the fees enumerated by this section have been collected from the judgment debtor, they shall be paid to the public treasury from which such fees were advanced.

Effective Date: 01-01-1976 .