2335.25 Cashbooks of costs - clerk shall receive moneys payable at office.

Each clerk of a court of record, the sheriff, and the prosecuting attorney shall enter in a journal or cashbook, provided at the expense of the county, an accurate account of all moneys collected or received in his official capacity, on the days of the receipt, and in the order of time so received, with a minute of the date and suit, or other matter, on account of which the money was received. The cashbook shall be a public record of the office, and shall, on the expiration of the term of each such officer, be delivered to his successor in office. The clerk shall be the receiver of all moneys payable into his office, whether collected by public officers of court or tendered by other persons, and, on request, shall pay the moneys to the persons entitled to receive them.

The clerk of the court of common pleas or of the county court may deposit moneys payable into his office in a bank or a building and loan association, as defined in section 1151.01 of the Revised Code, subject to section 131.11 of the Revised Code. Any interest received upon the deposits shall be paid into the treasury of the county for which the clerk performs his duties.

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Effective Date: 09-01-1975 .