2501.06 Presiding judge - administrative judge.

(A) The judge of each court of appeals district composed of three judges who has the shortest time to serve, and who does not hold office by appointment or election to fill a vacancy, shall be the presiding judge of that district. If this judge is absent, and no administrative judge has been designated under division (C) of this section, the judge having the next shortest time to serve shall be the presiding judge.

(B) In each district composed of more than three judges, the court of appeals may adopt local rules to provide a method for selecting the presiding judge different from that provided in division (A) of this section. Unless local rules to the contrary have been adopted, the presiding judge in a district composed of more than three judges shall be determined according to division (A) of this section.

(C) The judges of the court of appeals of any district may, at their discretion, designate an administrative judge in addition to the presiding judge. The administrative judge shall assist the presiding judge in the performance of his duties, and shall perform the duties of the presiding judge during the absence or disability of the presiding judge.

Effective Date: 01-17-1978 .