2707.01 Amercement of officer.

If an execution or order of sale directed to an officer comes to his hands to be executed, and he neglects or refuses to execute it; or if he neglects or refuses to sell property of any kind which, by a writ or order, he is directed to sell; or fails to call an inquest, or to return to the clerk's office a copy of the certificate of appraisement made by the inquest; or neglects to return to the proper court an execution or order of sale to him directed on or before the return day thereof; or neglects to return a correct inventory of personal property taken on execution unless he returns that the amount of the judgment, including costs, has been paid to him; or neglects, on demand, to pay to the person entitled thereto, money by him collected or received for the use of such person; or neglects or refuses, on demand, to pay the judgment debtor all money by him received on sale made, beyond what is sufficient to satisfy the writ or order of sale, with interest and costs, on motion in court, and notice thereof, in writing, as provided in section 2707.02 of the Revised Code, such officer shall be amerced in the amount of such judgment, including costs, with ten per cent thereon, to and for the use of the plaintiff or defendant.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .