2715.05 Order of attachment.

(A) An order of attachment issued by the court shall be addressed and delivered to the levying officer, and shall require him, after the order has taken effect, to attach the lands, tenements, goods, chattels, stocks or interest in stocks, rights, credits, money, and effects of the defendant, in such officer's county, not exempt by law from being applied to the payment of plaintiff's claim, or so much thereof as will satisfy it, to be stated in the order as in the affidavit, and costs of the action, not exceeding one hundred dollars. An order of attachment may be directed to the levying officer of any county within this state.

(B) An order of attachment shall contain the names of the parties and the court in which the action was brought and a statement that the property subject to the order of attachment can be recovered by filing a bond pursuant to section 2715.10 or 2715.26 of the Revised Code.

(C) An order of attachment, other than one issued under section 2715.045 of the Revised Code, shall be served upon the defendant against whom the order was issued in the same manner as provided in the Rules of Civil Procedure for the service of papers subsequent to original complaints.

Effective Date: 03-13-1986 .