2725.10 Form of writ when prisoner not in custody of an officer.

In case of confinement, imprisonment, or detention by a person not an officer, the writ of habeas corpus shall be in the following form:

The State of Ohio, __________________County, ss.:

To the sheriff of our several counties, greeting:

We command you that the body of ___________ of by ______________________ of___________imprisoned and restrained of his liberty, as it is said, you take and have before ______________, a judge of our _________________court, or, in case of his absence or disability, before some other judge of the same court, at____________, forthwith to do and receive what our said judge shall then and there consider __________________ concerning him in his behalf; and summon the said ________________ then and there to appear before our said judge, to show the cause of the taking and detention of the said ___________________________

(Seal) Witness_________________________, at _______________________, this_________day of______________ , in the year_______.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .