2727.05 Injunction may be granted in cases of appeal.

When an injunction has been allowed and during the pendency of the action in the court of common pleas has been vacated, either by a judge thereof in vacation or by the court previous to the trial of the action, and after such trial an appeal is taken from the judgment or final order of the court of common pleas to the court of appeals, an injunction may be granted before judgment or final order in the action, by the court of appeals in which it is pending or by a judge thereof, when it appears satisfactorily to such court or judge, by affidavit of the party seeking the injunction or his agent, that such party is entitled thereto. Upon like proof, an injunction also may be allowed by the supreme court or court of appeals, or by a judge of either, as a temporary remedy, during the pendency of a case on appeal in such courts.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .