2729.09 Restoration of road records.

When an application is filed in the court of common pleas by the board of county commissioners, showing that the records of specified roads of the county were lost or destroyed by fire, riot, or civil commotion and that copies thereof or of some of them are in existence, and praying that the verity of such copies as are produced be ascertained and declared by the court, said court shall require notice to be given by publication for six weeks upon such days, not less than once a week, and in such newspapers as it directs, of the filing and prayer of such application, that it will stand for hearing upon some day fixed by the court, and requiring all persons interested to appear on such day and show cause why the application should not be granted. The court shall cause a copy of such publication to be served at each occupied house on premises abutting on such roads, upon any person dwelling therein, and on the owner of each lot or tract of land abutting on the roads, or his agent, if he is found in the county, at least one week before the day fixed for such hearing.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .