2733.02 Proceedings against a corporation.

A civil action in quo warranto may be brought in the name of the state against a corporation:

(A) When it has offended against a law providing for its creation or renewal, or any amendment thereof;

(B) When it has forfeited its privileges and franchises by nonuser;

(C) When it has committed or omitted an act which amounts to a surrender of its corporate rights, privileges, and franchises;

(D) When it has misused a franchise, privilege, or right conferred upon it by law, or when it claims or holds by contract or otherwise, or has exercised a franchise, privilege, or right in contravention of law;

(E) When any application for a license to transact business in this state filed by a foreign corporation, any articles of incorporation of a domestic corporation or any amendment to them, or any certificate of merger or consolidation which set forth a corporate name prohibited by the Revised Code, has been improperly approved and filed.

Effective Date: 06-15-1978 .