2737.13 Duty of levying officer after taking possession of property pursuant to order of possession.

After the levying officer takes possession of property pursuant to an order of possession, and until the property is delivered to the movant, he shall keep the property in a secure place. If removal of the property from the address where it is detained would be unreasonably expensive, the levying officer may take possession by conspicuously placing a notice of possession on the property. The court may order a sale of the property if, because of its perishable nature or the existence of circumstances that would diminish its value, a sale would be for the benefit of the parties. The sale may be made in the manner and on the terms the court directs. The proceeds of the sale shall be deposited with the court until the entry of final judgment or dismissal of the action, which entry shall include an order for delivery of the proceeds of the sale to the successful party. The costs to the levying officer of taking possession, storing, or selling the property shall be taxed as costs in the action.

Effective Date: 08-26-1982 .