2930.15 Notice of appeal.

(A) If a defendant is convicted of committing a crime against a victim or an alleged juvenile offender is adjudicated a delinquent child for committing a specified delinquent act against a victim, if the victim requests notice of the filing of an appeal, and if the defendant or alleged juvenile offender files an appeal, the prosecutor in the case promptly shall notify the victim of the appeal. The prosecutor also shall give the victim all of the following information:

(1) A brief explanation of the appellate process, including the possible disposition of the case;

(2) Whether the defendant or alleged juvenile offender has been released on bail or other recognizance or under conditions imposed by the juvenile court pending the disposition of the appeal;

(3) The time, place, and location of appellate court proceedings and any subsequent changes in the time, place, or location of those proceedings;

(4) The result of the appeal.

(B) If the appellate court returns the defendant's or alleged juvenile offender's case to the trial court or juvenile court for further proceedings, the victim may exercise all the rights that previously were available to the victim in the trial court or the juvenile court.

Effective Date: 11-22-1999.